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By virtue of its nationwide activities and a number of branches in different States, it has attained the status of an ALL INDIA LEVEL ORGANISATION.It has been proud privilege of the Organisation to have been headed continuously for 17 years by the serving Chief Justice of India from 1979 to 1996 when Dr. Abid Hussain, a seasoned administrator and India’s former Ambassador to U.S.A., took over the office of President of the Organisation having been unanimously elected by the Members of IRCEN. In 2002, the General Body, elected unanimously Shri S.C. Mahalik, former Secretary to Govt. of India and former Chairman, Orissa State Electricity Regulatory Commission, as President of IRCEN. After he successfully completed 2 terms of office of 3 years each, Shri Lalit Mansingh, former Foreign Secretary to Govt. of India and India’s Ambassador to U.S.A. took over as President of the Organisation.

Youth Programmes

The youth of India form one third portion of our population and they are integrated as forceful segment of Indian society. A great importance is attached to the development of this largest segment of the nation. Hence more opportunities should be created for them to develop their personality and functional capabilities. There are thousands of illiterate, unemployed, underprivileged, and backward classes of people in India. Therefore, there is a very hard work ahead to achieve freedom from backwardness and to promote human society to a better world of prosperity and culture.   In  order to  achieve this   IRCEN (India International Rural Cultural Centre) has been implementing at the grassroots of human society such projects in district towns in cooperation with the district authorities, benefitting the downtrodden and poverty-stricken sections of Indian society. For this purpose, capacity building programmes such as income generating training, community living, promotion of social values, anti-drug addiction drive, preservation of India’s cultural heritage, cultural exposure among youth, national integration among youth, strengthening of cultural values in education, are regularly launched in the country mainly in the rural and tribal areas, particularly for the benefit of youth. IRCEN makes its best efforts to set up Vocational Training Centres in different rural, tribal and suburban areas of the country in order to provide an opportunity to the youth for securing training in light technology, like bamboo-crafting, electronic goods such as T.V., Radio, etc. Repair training, cutting, tailoring, embroidery, typing, shorthand, computer training and in many more areas. Even, after completion of their training IRCEN helps the trainees to set up their own entrepreneurship and further helps them in securing loans from Government Nodal Agencies.

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